Saturday, January 8, 2011


The fanfare has ended, the books have been placed on the shelves, the libraries are emptied out. Dan Brown and that Mormon who wrote Twilight control the bookshelves in Wal-Marts and supermarkets world wide. And we wonder why the country is the way it is.

Celebrity. Plastic surgery. Reality programs creating false celebrity. Fear. The best-sellers pre-chosen, dictated sensibilities. No one is safe from the taste-makers in unimpressive offices all over the world (LA, NY, Houston and Chicago).

Fear of questions. Fear of thought. Fear that something different must be wrong. I drive the streets of cities and see strip malls, corporate conglomerates erasing the regionalism of our nation. Clothing, books, movie houses. There is no regional identity and we wonder why life is boring and we retreat into "Second-lives" and social media proclamations of having "the best times of our short lives."

READ ALL OVER serves as a celebration of deeper thought. The novel. From literature to pulp, we investigate the things that do a lot of the investigating for us. Inspired by books, their cover art, the stories they tell, or what their readers might actually be seeking. READ ALL OVER is also serving as an investigation of what people are reading, why they are reading and what they hope to get out of those books.

More thoughts to come soon.

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